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I’m an independent journalist based in Bozeman, Montana. I write about the science, technology, policies and people behind climate change, wildlife conservation, and natural resource management.

My work has appeared with High Country News, VICE News, Ensia, Conservation Magazine, New Scientist, Science Insider, Adventure Journal,,, the Center for Public Integrity, and others.

I’ve reported on scientists figuring out how wolverines will weather climate change, mountaineers helping to learn how our bodies work under stress, city planners designing housing developments that are better for wildlife, farmers trying to figure out how to conserve water during droughts, and robots that help with surgery.

Since water scarcity and climate science motivated my work before journalism they are now major themes in my reporting. I have a master’s degree in earth science, based on research I did at the University of New Mexico analyzing the impacts of climate change on mountain snowpack and hydrology in the Southwest U.S. I still love data and statistics so I use them in my writing whenever possible.

When I’m not writing I like to ski up and down mountains, go for long bike rides, and hunt and grow food.